Knowledge Mobilization Course

Knowledge Mobilization Certificate Course

In partnership with the Knowledge Mobilization Unit at York University, the CAG SC-CE is offering a Knowledge Mobilization Certificate Course designed for undergraduate and graduate students, post-docs, and early career researchers who are interested in learning more about Knowledge Mobilization (KMb).

Interested participants can apply to participate in this 8-week self-directed online course. The course has been tailored for trainees and researchers in gerontology, and is taught by leading KMb professionals and researchers; participants will learn about theoretical and practical aspects of effective KMb, including:

(1) Introduction to knowledge mobilization
(2) Ethical considerations & social media
(3) Knowledge mobilization planning: tools and templates
(4) Clear language writing and design
(5) Knowledge product for dissemination
(6) Planning collaborative events
(7) Research impact and evaluation
(8) Building partnerships

The course is free of charge and participants who complete the course will receive a certificate in Knowledge Mobilization from the Knowledge Mobilization Unit at York University.

The course will run Tuesday October 20th to Tuesday December 8th. Content will be delivered asynchronously with weekly live sessions that include guest speakers, activities, and group discussions. The course will be delivered in English.

Registration is open to CAG and non-CAG members; however, preference will be given to CAG members. Register here.

This course is sponsored by the Canadian Association on Gerontology and the CAG SC-CE, and offered in partnership with the Knowledge Mobilization Unit at York University. For more information on MobilizeYU click here.