CAG Legacy Fund


Student Support Program

Maximum of $26,000 per annum

7.1 Funds in this program are used to support an ASEM Student Travel grant up to a maximum of $20,000 per year.

7.2  Full-time students who are the senior author of a paper, poster or workshop session accepted for presentation at the ASEM are eligible to apply for support.

7.3 Funds are allocated according to a formula, principles and regulations determined by the  CAG Board based on recommendations from the Legacy Fund Committee .

7.4 This program may also provide financial support in the form of Legacy Fund Graduate Student scholarships to outstanding full-time students enrolled in a research-based doctoral or Master`s program in a Canadian university. Full-time status applies to the period of the award and status must be confirmed by a letter from the university graduate office, co-signed by the Supervisor or Department Chair.

7.5 Students are eligible to receive this scholarship only once.

7.6 The CAG Board and establishes the standards and procedures for awarding up to two (2) scholarships (each valued at $3000 per annum) based on recommendations from the Legacy Fund Committee.


International Visitor Program

Maximum of $9,000 per annum

8.1 The ASEM Program Committee may receive up to $6000 for invited speakers.  One of the funded speakers shall be designated by the Program Committee as the Legacy Fund Invited Speaker.

8.2  Any group of CAG/ACG members, representing at least three (3) different universities or research-based gerontology/geriatric centres/units, can apply for a grant up to $3000 to partially subsidize an internationally-recognized expert to give lectures/workshops to students and faculty at three (3) different locations in Canada.


Special Projects Program

Maximum of $10,000 per annum

9.1 The program is to fund special, one-time only projects that will enhance the objectives of the Association.

9.2 The funds cannot be used to supplement or cover a deficit in a current or previous CAG/ACG annual operating budget.

9.3. The President, on behalf of the CAG/ACG Board, submits a proposal with rationale and proposed budget, for consideration by the Legacy Fund Committee by January 31.

9.4 The funds, if awarded, could be expended in one (1) year or over a two (2) or three (3) year period, if justified and feasible.


IAGG Global and Pan-American Congress Student Travel Program

Maximum of $40,000 (available every four years)

10.1 The program enables excellent full-time graduate students to attend the IAGG Global or Pan-American Congress.

10.2  Each applicant must demonstrate that he/she is the first or senior author of a paper or poster accepted through the abstract review process established by the local organizing committee for all submissions.

10.3 The travel grant value will be determined by the Legacy Fund Committee taking into consideration the location of the congress and the value of other student awards offered by the Global IAGG and/or the Pan-American organizing committee.

10.4 All applications are adjudicated by the Legacy Fund Committee through a process established and announced one (1) year before the IAGG Global or Pan-American Congress.

10.5  Awards are allocated to full-time graduate students registered in a Canadian university, who, at the time of application, are members of CAG/ACG.  The number of awards available will be determined prior to the IAGG Global or Pan-American Congress.

10.6 No more than 20% of the awards in each competition can be allocated to Post-Doctoral Fellows.

10.7 All applicants must include a letter from the University Graduate Office (or equivalent) attesting to the full-time status as a graduate student or PDF