SC-CE Executive Committee

The SC-CÉ is managed by an executive committee that is responsible for overseeing the activities of the SC-CÉ, organizing student activities for CAG-ACG annual meetings, representing the perspective of students and recent graduates within CAG-ACG, awarding the Student Local Interdisciplinary Network (LINK) Seed Grants, and supporting the promotion of CAG-ACG and student involvement in gerontology.

The executive committee is comprised of the following officers who are elected to their positions for 2-year terms by the SC-CÉ membership:

President: Acts as the official liaison of the the SC-CÉ Executive Committee and oversees the general activities of the SC-CÉ.

Vice-President: Works in partnership with the President to represent the SC-CÉ and liaise with other groups; oversees recruitment and retention initiatives, privacy matters, and electronic voting.

Secretary-Treasurer: Responsible for recording meeting minutes and overseeing the finances of the SC-CÉ.

Communications Coordinator: Prepares and coordinates SC-CÉ communications, website, and social media presence.

Student Representative Coordinator: Coordinates the recruitment of SC-CÉ Student Representatives and supports them in their role.

Immediate Past President: Provides ongoing support to the SC-CÉ after completion of their term as President.

You can contact the SC-CÉ Executive Committee via email at: