Our History

The Student Connection – Connexion Étudiante (SC-CÉ) was established in 1997 as a national network for CAG student members. Over its 20+ year history as a student led and run organization a number of significant milestones have been achieved which are highlighted in the timeline below.

1997 – SC-CÉ was Created

In 1997, Dr. Kate Oakley, a student at the time, initiated the development of a student body under the Canadian Association on Gerontology – Association Canadienne de Gérontologie (CAG-ACG). Since then, the SC-CÉ has been a growing student presence within the CAG-ACG.

2002 – SC-CÉ Becomes the Official Student Organization of the CAG-ACG

In 2002, the SC-CE was formally recognized as the official student organization of the CAG-ACG. Students were also given a voice on the CAG-ACG Board of Directors. This year also marked the creation of the SC-CÉ Student Representative Program.

2003 – New Membership Category for Recent Grads

The SC-CÉ worked closely with CAG-ACG to create a one-year transitional membership for new graduates. This membership is tended to provide recent grads a grace period as they move between academic programs or from student membership to regular membership.

2004 – Development of the SC-CÉ Constitution

An official Constitution and Bylaws was developed for the SC-CÉ.

2008 – Initiation of the LINK Seed Grant in Aging

In 2008, the Student Local Interdisciplinary Network (LINK) Seed Grant on Aging was created to provide financial support to student representatives hosting campus initiatives that connect local students in the field of aging.

2014 – Creation of the Student Representative Handbook

In 2014 the Student Representative Handbook was developed as a guide for Student Representatives. This handbook outlines the roles and responsibilities of Student Representatives to support them in promoting the field of gerontology.

2016 – Retired the Book Display for a Raffle

The Book Display fundraiser for the SC-CÉ was replaced by a raffle. Funds raised from the raffle are used to support the LINK Seed Grant.

2019 – Major revisions to our SC-CÉ By-Laws

Revisions were made to the SC-CÉ By-Laws to streamline them and ensure our processes are up-to-date.