Student Resources

Resources for Gerontology Students

Please find below a list of online resources that may be of interest to CAG-SC members interested in networking, gerontology education programs, student funding opportunities, trainings, aging information, etc:

  • National Initiative for Care for the Elderly: NICE is an international network of researchers, practitioners and students dedicated to improving the care of older adults, both in Canada and abroad. Their website includes a student resource page that lists gerontology programs across Canada.
  • Canadian Frailty Network: Canadian Frailty Network (CFN) is Canada’s sole network devoted to improving care for older Canadians living with frailty and supporting their families and caregivers.
  • AGE-WELL: AGE-WELL NCE (Aging Gracefully across Environments using Technology to Support Wellness, Engagement and Long Life NCE Inc.) is Canada’s technology and aging network.
  • Academy for Gerontology in Higher Education (AGHE): AGHE is a membership organization of colleges and universities that offer education, training, and research programs in the field of aging. Their website includes a searchable online directory of gerontology programs (most programs are from the US but some are from Canada).
  • McMaster Optimal Aging Portal: The Portal offers direct and easy access to evidence-based information about how to stay healthy, active and engaged, and how to manage our health conditions, as we grow older. The Portal aims to be a trusted voice on optimal aging for citizens, clinicians, public health professionals and policymakers.