Student Representative Past Events

Below are examples of some of the past student events that have been organized by Student Representatives to promote CAG-ACG and gerontology on their campus.

Age Friendly Community Planning Seminar

McMaster University hosted Dr. Margaret Denton, an expert in long-term care, community health and support for the elderly. The event engaged students from various undergraduate programs, in discussion on the needs of the aging population in Hamilton, as well as strategies to make communities more age-friendly!

Christmas Brunch

A student team from McMaster volunteered with the Welcome Inn Community Centre for annual Christmas brunch. Volunteers sang carols with the seniors, helped prepare a traditional meal, handed out presents and took pictures of family and friends with Santa.


Establishing a library of age-related materials to support the development of an open access, middle state publishing platform that expands the role of students in the age-related academic publishing sphere at Western University.

Intergenerational Bingo

Hospital patients, volunteers, and students meet on Bingo nights at Saint Vincent Hospital to socialize and have fun! Before each game, students are informed of CAG and Bruyère initiatives and how they can get involved. We also discuss current topics in aging research and prospective studies at Bruyère, the University of Ottawa, and Carleton University.

Age Group Exchange (A:GE)

A research interest group for graduate and undergraduate students, and faculty members to learn about the latest psychological and cognitive aging research from other researchers in the Greater Toronto Area. A:GE meets once every semester. In summer 2016, an A:GE research symposium day was held at Ryerson University, wherein students and faculty learned about the effect of nutrition on cognitive aging, and students were given an opportunity to present their latest research.

Second Annual Symposium on Aging Research

A one-day meeting at the University of Waterloo for engaging with graduate student research beyond disciplinary and professional boundaries, and across areas of expertise. The interdisciplinary SoAR involved students + professors from ALL faculties, presenting research, networking and working together to solve real-life issues.

Symposium on Elder Abuse and Neglect

Panelists Josée Miljours, Regional Elder Abuse Consultant, Elder Abuse Ontario, Lise Perreault, Seniors’ Coordinator, Greater Sudbury Police Service, and Roxanne Makela, Psychogeriatric Resource Consultant, North Bay Regional Health Centre provided students and community members with an opportunity to learn more about how their organizations approach elder abuse and neglect at Huntington University.