Recognition Award for Excellence in Longitudinal Research: In Honour of Betty Havens

Nomination Deadline

May 3, 2024

Awarded every 2 years, beginning in 2007

Nomination Instructions

Nominations must be submitted by the deadline noted above.

Before completing the online nomination form, please view the information on this page and prepare the Nomination Documents that you will need to submit as part of this application:

1. Letter of Nomination. The nominator must provide a signed letter of nomination explaining why the candidate is worthy of this award.

You may upload your signed letter of nomination in PDF format through the online application form. Or, you may send your signed letter via regular mail. Electronic submissions are preferred.

2. Letters of Support. Two letters of support are required for the nomination.

You may upload the signed letters of support in PDF format through the online application form. Or, you may send the letters via regular mail. Electronic submissions are preferred.

3. Nominee’s CV/Résumé. The nominee’s curriculum vitae or résumé must be submitted in electronic format with the application.

You must upload the nominee’s CV or résumé through the online application form. Please upload the document in PDF (preferred) or Word format.

To submit your nomination, please complete the Online Application.


The CAG believes that longitudinal studies are an important element in the evidence base for understanding the processes involved in ageing, from both a health and a social perspective. They have particular advantages in their ability to examine multiple exposures, determinants and outcomes, and to measure relationships over time.


  • A scholar or student who has demonstrated excellence in conducting a research project using longitudinal data related to aging or who has published a peer reviewed paper, book chapter or book using longitudinal data in aging,
  • Is recognized by members of the Association as having demonstrated excellence in longitudinal research related to aging, as evident in letters of support, and
  • Is a member of the Canadian Association on Gerontology.